Manage distribution of policy, procedure or training  documents to your employees. Audit acknowledgements and test comprehension.

How can OnBase help you with Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance?

Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance (DKTC) enables organizations to manage policy and procedure administration end‑to‑end. DKTC ensures all employees have access to the most up‑to‑date versions of required materials and that deadlines for review and acknowledgement are enforced. With compliance testing, easily gauge employees’ comprehension of distributed content via scoring reports and test certificates.

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Rapidly Distribute

Rapidly distribute required reading to the workforce, providing immediate, centralized access to all assignments.

Test employees

Test employee comprehension of important procedures regarding safety, systems and workplace conduct.

Easily Audit

Easily audit reading status by accurately and automatically reporting and identifying delinquencies.

Enforce Accountability

Enforce individual accountability by requiring employees to provide acknowledgement and complete assessments.

Minimise Risk

Minimise organizational risk by providing documented proof of distribution, user acknowledgement and test scores.

Gain Control

Gain Control over your Documents and Processes.

How it works

1 - DKT Reading Group Admin

Administrators are able to add documents to a Reading Group, create and manage Approval Groups, manage Reading Groups and view reading status by user or document.

2 - Required Reading Assignments

Documents that must be acknowledged by Reading Group members‑‑with notifications when new assignments are added.

3 - Approval Groups

Members approve or reject the documents in a Reading Group before distribution to reader queues.

4 - Reading Groups

Reading Group members are required to read and acknowledge all documents in their Reading Group list and complete any related assessments.

5 - Testing

Optionally, a short quiz can be paired with a required reading document to test user comprehension of important material. Test results are provided back to the Administrator.

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