OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases.

The OnBase product suite is built on a single database, code base and content repository. The OnBase platform is continually updated to ensure that OnBase stays current with industry trends and technology innovations.

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OnBase Access

With OnBase, your information nds you and becomes instantly available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application. Empower your users to access content the way that makes the most sense for them – allowing them to work more effectively from the office, on the road or in the field.

By providing the right information at the right time, OnBase equips your users to make better decisions, effectively serve customers and keep processes owing, whether you are deploying OnBase on-premises or in the OnBase Cloud.

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Onbase Capture

Regardless of format or location, OnBase captures your documents and the critical information they hold right at the source. It then organizes them into a single system with minimal human interaction – removing tedious and error-prone manual data entry.

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OnBase Integrate

OnBase provides a variety of integration methods to equip users with instant access to all the information they need from their preferred application.

Leverage information from another application to automatically launch processes in OnBase – such as composing documents, filling out forms or triggering business workflows. That way, users make critical business decisions faster and with the most accurate information.

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OnBase Manage

OnBase combines the ability to manage processes, documents and data in one system so your information flows seamlessly throughout your organization. Minimize process delays, data silos and disconnected documents and automate repetitive tasks while equipping workers to make better decisions.

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OnBase Measure

OnBase provides real-time insights into the status of your processes, the completeness of your records and the health of your system – allowing you to take action when and where it’s needed. The system also facilitates audits and supports compliance initiatives by identifying the existence and accuracy of information.

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OnBase Store

OnBase minimizes risk and supports compliance by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations – without needing to purchase additional third-party software or hardware.

By consolidating all of your important content into one system, OnBase solves the problems associated with managing content across a variety of databases, systems and physical storage locations.

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