Manufacturer ensures safety with policies and procedures solution

Manufacturer ensures safety with policies and procedures solution

The Challenge

Employee safety is the number one priority for Gallatin Steel Company, but ensuring employees reviewed and acknowledged the latest safety policies and procedures was difficult.

“It was a cumbersome process,” said Tamera Koegler-Vaughan, process manager of Information Systems. “Managers would leave a piece of paper on the pulpit hoping that every shift would read and acknowledge the update. They weren’t sure who had signed o on the document and who hadn’t. They were always missing people.”

Everything changed when the manufacturer implemented OnBase ® by Hyland.

The Solution

Working with Results Engineering, an OnBase authorized solution provider, Gallatin implemented the OnBase Policies and Procedures solution to speed up employee acknowledgement of safety policies. Once a policy is updated, OnBase instantly sends it to necessary employees for review and acknowledgement, ensuring their safety while working with a variety of machinery and equipment.

Gallatin also created a web portal, providing sta with the ability to sign in and review new information when they have time.

Overall, OnBase is a great system for controlling documents, disseminating them to our workforce and for making changes quickly,” said Butch Collins, general manager of Safety and Security. “It’s made it easier for employees to do reviews during their shift – they can review them on maintenance days or whenever they have down time.”

Prior to implementing OnBase, manually processing incident reports also prevented employees from learning how to stay safe on the job. Once a safety issue took place, employees gathered incident information – including accident reports, photos, etc. – in a binder and circulated it throughout the company for review. The process was time consuming, and slowed Gallatin’s ability to review and update policies and procedures.

By streamlining incident reporting with OnBase, the manufacturer quickly disseminates safety updates to sta . Now, employees submit any incident that occurs electronically to OnBase, including any photos, diagrams and related information.

“If we want to talk about a particular incident during an executive or team safety meeting, we can pull it up and review all of the information,” Collins said. “It provides awareness as well as documentation that’s easily accessible for safety leaders.”

“With OnBase, we know employees review the latest version of procedures. OnBase assures us they’re working with the most up-to-date information to perform their jobs.”

– Tamera Koegler-Vaughan, process manager, Information Systems, Gallatin Steel Company

 The Difference

Speeds up reviews and acknowledgements: OnBase stores all information in a single document repository, providing sta with instant access to updated policies and procedures.

Ensures employee accountability: “Procedure sign-offs are reliable and make employees accountable by tracking their acknowledgements,” Collins said. “If there’s an accident or a mishap, we go into OnBase and see if the procedure was available and if the individual acknowledged it.”

Streamlines policy and procedure updates: Since OnBase eliminates manual processing, employees review updates faster. “If we make a policy change, OnBase automatically sends out a notice to all employees who were a ected,” Collins said. “They go into OnBase, review it and acknowledge it – now they’re knowledgeable.”

Reduces time spent preparing for audits: “Our processes are transparent,” Collins said, adding: “OnBase eliminates the need to prepare for audits because all the required information is quickly located in the system.”

Increases user acceptance: “If we took OnBase away from our employees, it’d be the biggest ght we’d ever have,” said Scott Alsup, general manager of Information Systems. “They are so used to it now – they have all the information they need to do their job at their fingertips and they love it.”