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Using the OnBase content services platform Betasoft CS can turbo-charge manual and paper-based processes. We add zip to your organisation.

Providing employees with a complete view of information

What is our offering?

Our solution platform OnBase centralises your important business content in one secure location, and then delivers your relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are.

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Our content solutions can address

Higher Education

Enrolment of students is spread across different systems. Mosts student record management system lack advanced file and process management features. Importing transcripts is often manual and error prone. Systems lack electronic check-lists.

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Human Resources

Managing job applications or on-boarding new members of staff involves manual handling of documents and lose or poorly executed policies. Audit-trails are missing. Handling of personal information will be inadequate – GDPR.

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Accounts Payable

Invoices arrive by post or by email, data is manually entered into accounting systems and approval processes are inefficient and lengthy. Structured data that lives in ERP systems is disconnected from supporting documents.

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Employee File Management

Employee files are stored in a variety of physical folders. There is no control or analysis of the completeness of an employee file. Employee documents are vulnerable to physical data breaches. Little or no GDPR compliance.

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Document Knowledge Transfer & Compliance

Delivering policy and procedure documentation to staff and auditing user-acceptance can be a daunting and flawed undertaking. Many organisations are entirely in the dark as to who has read a new policy document.

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Information resides outside core HIT applications throughout the healthcare organization, clinicians and staff rarely have the information they need at the moment they need it.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant Recognition

Hyland OnBase named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services 2018.

Our solutions toolset


Scan paper documents. Import electronic documents and information from anywhere. Extract data from your documents.


Manage documents, processes, cases and all associated data. OnBase combines the ability to manage processes, documents and data in one system so your information flows seamlessly throughout your organisation.


Provide Access to information from a personalised, intuitive user interface, while working in another business application, on the go using mobile devices and even when offline. Extend access to outside customers and users.


Purpose-built, screen-level or data-level integrations with your exiting LOB applications. Whether enterprise applications such as SAP, Workday, E-Business Suite or Desktop and online (Office 365) applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel or SharePoint OnBase enhances your users’ day-to-day applications.


Monitor, Audit & Report. OnBase provides real-time insights into the status of your processes, the completeness of your records and the health of your system


Secure, Protect & Destroy. OnBase minimises risk and supports compliance by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations.

“OnBase Integration will bring users a consistent point of service and reduce the amount of time they spend flipping back and forth between different systems.”

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